Do You Have a Compelling Vision of Your Future?

Liz Zed holds a doctorate in transpersonal psychotherapy and a diploma in clinical psychology at the doctoral level. Clients benefit from her extensive training and experience in the field of psychology, as well as in art, education, and business. Her unique approach, which combines the best of spiritual practices, body discipline, and holistic healing, has helped many clients move from despair and frustration to hope and happiness.

Skillful practice based in:

  • Communication skills
  • Crisis intervention
  • Child protection
  • Adolescent services
  • Family mediation
  • Substance abuse
  • Residential & outpatient services
  • Trauma
  • Testing and assessment
  • Private coaching & consulting
  • Training & teaching
  • Supervision
  • Information resources
Areas of expertise

  • Overcoming midlife depression
  • Enhancing body image
  • Progressive relaxation training
  • Healing with ancient wisdom techniques
  • Releasing trauma
  • Diffusing anxieties
  • Guided imagery
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Waking dream therapy
  • Awakening to synchronicity and meaning
  • Gestalt awareness
  • Life skills coaching
  • Inner dialogue with money

What is transpersonal psychotherapy?
A process for integrating your body, mind, and spirit; discovering who you really are; and finding your true path to happiness.

A holistic approach
Dr. Liz Zed uses a holistic and eclectic approach to help you examine your life path. She will work with you to develop a deeper awareness of your
strengths and potential. She utilizes a spectrum of Western and Eastern psychotherapeutic techniques – from Jungian therapy to Yoga principles.
Tailored to your specific needs, sessions might include deep relaxation techniques, role playing, prolonged exposure therapy, somatic awareness
exercises, guided visualization, or hypnotherapy.

Whether you need a sounding board, someone to offer up fresh perspectives, or a collaborator with whom to develop solutions to difficult problems,
Dr. Zed can be your guide in awakening self awareness and discovering your own healing powers.

Special group sessions

  • Using archetypal symbolism in fairy tales to heal issues at midlife
  • Radical inquiry: Improving your relationship with money


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