Master Coach System®

Through the guidance in our book series and in our 6 mos. Master Coach System mentoring program you gain access to mature foundational knowledge in a quick-paced & hands-on unforgettable experience that passes on & locks in that knowledge for you at the cellular level. Plus you’ll enjoy a window into your own unique blind spots via the Master Coach System because it lets you access the witness-observer to the parts you aren’t looking for, because simply put, “we don’t know what we don’t know”. You’ll quickly learn to recognize and know “what you don’t know” and That’s where accelerated change happens. This is exciting change management in action! You will be immersed in adaptive, fluid, innovative, improvisation to create change faster, becoming invaluable to your clients while deepening self awareness in the acquisition of coaching core competencies.

Sabrina Braham & Dr. Liz Zed are industry leaders helping entrepreneurial coaches and licensed health professionals who coach, add more revenue to their income streams, while experiencing the joy and satisfaction of seeing their achievement-oriented clients getting phenomenal results. In our 10 week individual and 6 mentor coaching process via teleconfere,we provide a crucible for accelerated and targeted skill development with graded feedback to track your progress. You’ll get tons of actionable content from every practice that you can use right away in your business with confidence and competence.


Masterful Coaching Mentor Program 2017

Next weekly 6 Month Group Program beginning mid-June