Freedom Through Imagery: Our Thoughts Create Our Future

Psychotherapy has favored language as the medium of communication. Words are the psychotherapist’s stock-in-trade. A route less travelled in the typical psychotherapy hour however is the world of inner imagery. Here lies the true power of the mind.

This power can be tapped through bringing focused attention on the mind’s mental imagery. Expanding important dreams into waking dream imagery is one way of tracking expressions of our subconscious. In this manner it becomes possible to gain deeper understanding of conflicted urges which tend to keep us ‘stuck’.

By creating vivid visual representations of our wants and desires we are more easily able to move forward, to create goals, and to take action toward those goals.  By employing guided visualizations in the therapy hour we can begin to open up the world of creative imagination, unblocking suppressed self-expression, and guiding us forward toward an expansive future.