Coaching Your Clients to Exceptional Results the Easy Way

As an ICF certified master coach and coach mentor I’ve had the honor and opportunity to work with many coach professionals worldwide and I want to share with you here a couple of common themes that show up again and again:

  1. Coaches know the transformative power of great coaching. Usually it’s because they’ve experienced it first hand. It powers the passion. It’s why they aspired to become a coach in the first place!
  2. All the passion, great intentions, and love for their clients isn’t enough to prevent potentially great coaches from getting bogged down or derailed in the myriad twists & turns of a coaching conversation and knowing that can evoke coach insecurity in spades!

Erase insecurity and the coach is set free to gallop forward at a fast clip guiding their client to guaranteed results in every coaching conversation. That’s the magic that results with a roadmap, defining the territory, and guiding the journey to it’s inevitable and accurate destination or outcome. In each and every coaching adventure there is a dire need for a coaching agreement. When a coach truly understands this they can roll up their sleeves and begin to learn how to use the most powerful tool in their coaching toolbox — the coaching agreement. A great coach must know how to easily and successfully create a coaching agreement every session. There is absolutely nothing that melts away any fears of making a mistake that a coach may have for their coaching session than knowing how to create a coaching agreement and knowing how to do that well!

As a first step on the journey to creating masterful results in every coaching engagement, with every client, every time you meet together I invite you to check out  “The Coaching Agreement”. It’s an informative read, and an interactive practice guide for all coaches interested in accessing more clients and making more income on their journey to becoming a more masterful coach. Go here and get yourself a copy now.

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