Creating A Life That Works

A common theme in the minds of people trying to unhook themselves from the tentacles of substance abuse is the attainment of a trouble-free existence. Of course, no such world exists.

It’s neither naivete nor stupidity that has people dancing with illusion. It’s just that without the skillful means to navigate the inevitable obstacles that occur in our lives we have a tendency to reach the threshold of tolerance for frustration. What often happens next is to seek out substances which will numb us to the frustration that we are feeling.

It’s just not that easy to recognize that the solution is a simple one. Just like riding a bicycle takes practice to gain skill, navigating life’s obstacles comes by building up our navigation muscles. Two key phrases to remember on this journey to designing a life that really works are Who Am I? and What Do I Want? In other words the signposts to success can be found by scrutinizing our current self-image and by deeply considering the goals we would like to achieve.

Focus on behaving as if you already are the person you want to be. Get serious about setting aside time to focus on goal-setting. Write your goals out regularly. Prioritize them. Take some action towards your goals every day. Keep your eye on where you are going, not on where you have been. Persevere through the obstacles and find new and self-nurturing rewards for your successes.