Stressing About Money?

One thing that is true about the current economic situation is that there will be people who will find opportunity in it. Some will actually create wealth while others will flounder. If you are inspired and in action, making the most of the opportunity that is presenting itself to you to create more wealth in your life, more power to you! You don’t need a therapist to help you manage your anxiety about the financial predicament you find yourself in. You’re already in action. If you do have anxiety about money there’s no time better than the present.

Even though it may seem circumstances are putting impassable obstacles in your path, there is a lot you can do to significantly improve, and even turn around your situation. While therapy doesn’t–as some people assume–deal only with your past, there is great merit in understanding the subconscious negative messages that you tell yourself on an ongoing basis. The reason it is so helpful to become aware of how you’ve been programmed to think about money is to learn how to turn around and hopefully prevent self-sabotaging behavior. Self-sabotaging behavior often arises out of negative self-talk which often ‘runs’ perpetually in the background and often serves to thwart our more positive conscious intention of moving forward toward the successful accomplishment of our goals.